Broken/Burst Pipe Repair In Bay Harbor Islands, FL

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A broken or burst pipe can lead to more than just an unpleasant mess. It causes damage both inside and outside of your home. This type of situation is frustrating enough, which is why you need a team of professional plumbers who can put you at ease. The experts at Rapid Response Restoration understand your frustration and are here to provide burst pipe repair in Bay Harbor Islands, FL. 

If unaddressed, a burst pipe can accelerate the damage to your home. That’s why our team comes directly to you so that we can repair the burst pipe and prevent further complications. 

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

Pipes are a sturdy and necessary part of your plumbing system; however, there are several ways that they can be damaged:

  • Clogging is one of the most common causes of burst pipes. A build-up in the pipe prevents proper water flow and eventually leads to cracks in the line due to extreme pressure. 
  • Although typically used as a quick fix to clear clogged drains, chemical cleaners may contain harsh ingredients that lead to pipe erosion. 
  • Chlorine is a common substance found in the Florida water system. However, certain types of pipes are sensitive to chlorinated water. 
  • Pipes may also be sensitive to water pressure. High water pressure adds stress to pipes and may lead to potential breaks. 
  • Tree roots make pipes more brittle by applying added underground pressure. Over time, protruding roots can weaken a pipe’s integrity and increase the risk of cracks. 

In other places around the United States, freezing temperatures are a common cause of burst pipes. Thankfully, Florida rarely has to worry about weather below 30 degrees.

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How Does Pipe Repair Work?

Broken or burst pipe repair is best handled by professionals. When you call our team, we come to your home as quickly as possible to assess the situation.

The first important step to take is to shut off your house’s main water line. Once we shut off the water, we determine the cause of the burst and walk you through the best possible solutions. The repair time depends on the severity of the broken pipe.

Do You Have a Broken or Burst Pipe?

Some signs of a broken pipe are obvious, such as water spewing out where it shouldn’t. Other indications may not be as apparent:

  • Whistling or moaning sounds coming from your pipes 
  • Increased water bills
  • Discolored water coming out of the faucets
  • Reduced water pressure

If you notice any of these or have any other concerns about your pipes, reach out to a plumbing professional immediately to prevent further issues. 

When you need a rapid response, count on the Rapid Response Restoration team. Call us at (786) 408-6188 so we can repair your broken or burst pipe today!