Flood Damage Restoration And Cleanup In Bay Harbor Islands, FL

After a severe storm hits and damages your property, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up the aftermath. At Rapid Response Restoration, we take the stress out of your hands, taking care of your water issues and restoring your home to the way it was.

Technicians from Rapid Response Restoration work tirelessly to remove all traces of water damage. We treat mold, remove standing water, and treat your property for stains, among other services, to make your house look new. Give us a call today at (786) 408-6188 to see why we’re the best Bay Harbor Islands restoration company

How Flood Damage Impacts Your Home

Besides leaving stains and causing health issues, flood damage can lead to structural issues, among other problems in your house. Our team uses the latest technology to detect water damage in hidden areas of your home, sometimes beneath the floorboards. We then remove any trace of moisture or water damage from your property.

The longer you wait to address water issues, the more likely you are to develop mold. Additionally, water can soften the structures of your house, leading to dangerous and expensive problems down the road.

Call us for the most comprehensive flood damage restoration and cleanup in Bay Harbor Islands, FL, if you suspect you have water damage.

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What to Expect from Flood Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Whether you have a burst pipe or are the victim of a tropical storm, we have the most updated tools to fix your space. There are multiple steps involved in restoring your property:

  • Emergency restoration: We are prepared to get to your house if a pipe breaks and you need assistance. Our specialists will stop the source of the flooding. If the water came from outside, they will get right to water removal.
  • Initial inspection: We assess the scope of the damage and the projected length of the removal project.
  • Water removal: To avoid more lasting damage, our team will use pumps to remove any remaining water swiftly.
  • Disposal: It is common for some items to be damaged beyond repair. In this instance, our technicians will dispose of your furniture and personal items (including carpeting).
  • Drying out: Next, we dry your home of any remaining water. This process can be a few hours long or take up to a few days.
  • Deodorizing and mold remediation: Our team treats your carpet and home for any mold or remaining moisture. We deodorize your house to help it smell fresh again.

Likewise, we help in the reconstruction process, whatever that entails. We will help rebuild and repaint your space like it was our own. We believe you deserve the best flood damage restoration and cleanup in Bay Harbor Islands, FL, as our neighbors.

The restoration process can range anywhere from a few days to over a week. We promise to restore your property as quickly as possible to return to your daily life.

Reclaim Your Home

Do not hesitate to reach out to Rapid Response Restoration at the first sight of water damage issues. Call (786) 408-6188 today to learn more about water damage restoration and get a free estimate. We will get your house back to its old self in no time.