How Do Restoration Companies Work? What You Need To Know

When the unexpected happens, choosing suitable restoration and reconstruction services is essential. Professional, affordable restoration services exist to help property owners recover and move forward after your home or business is damaged by water, mold, or fire.

At Rapid Response Restoration, we’re a leading restoration company in Miami, FL that specializes in returning both residential and commercial properties to optimal operational status. Our trained team understands how stressful unexpected damage can be and is ready to help.

If you’re wondering, “How do restoration companies work?” we have the answers. Here, we give you the knowledge you need to get the right restoration services for your home, business, and budget. To learn more about what we do for residents in Miami, FL and beyond, read up on our Rapid Response Restoration blog or reach out to us by phone today.

What Are Restoration Companies?

On the surface, it may seem that restoration companies are simple construction companies. While construction is an essential part of any restoration company’s services, the help that a professional, experienced restoration service offers includes so much more. Restoration companies combine construction, cleaning, mold removal, and other services to provide comprehensive help to property owners in need.

Even the most experienced and responsible property owners may find themselves in need of professional restoration services. Restoration companies provide essential repairs and other services for property owners facing unexpected damage of any kind, from natural disasters to neglect.

What Services Do Restoration Companies Provide?

As we mentioned before, most restoration companies are jacks-of-all-trades. Their broad experience means that those companies combine professional services from many industries, including construction, cleaning, and more. Keep reading to learn about some of the services commonly offered by restoration companies or reach out to Rapid Response Restoration with your questions today.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Bad weather is a fact of life. When storms get out of control, property damage can happen fast. Restoration companies specialize in storm damage cleanup, including water damage treatment, debris removal, and any necessary reconstruction.

Water Damage Repair

Storms aren’t the only source of water damage. When pipes burst or back up, the resulting damage is costly. Restoration companies repair this water damage and restore water systems to optimal operation.

Mold Removal

Mold is a sneaky menace to any home or business. Over time, many factors contribute to mold buildup in air ducts, walls, and other spaces. Restoration services offer comprehensive mold removal and cleaning services to make indoor and outdoor areas safe for use again.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are vital components for the comfort of any residential or commercial space. Debris, dust, pet dander, and other materials build up through general use of HVAC systems, causing health risks as well as costly damage. Restoration companies have the training to safely and effectively clean air duct systems, improving the safety and comfort of your home or business.

Fire Damage Repair

From structural damage to smoke build-up, clean up after a fire is time-consuming and takes special awareness. Professional restoration companies help reduce the stress on property owners during these stressful times. These companies offer complete fire damage repair and restoration services, including smoke damage cleanup, reconstruction, and more.

How the Restoration Process Works

When property damage happens, navigating the insurance and restoration process doesn’t need to be a hassle. Below, we cover the general steps of the professional restoration process after property damage occurs. For answers to your unique questions about working with trained restoration professionals, reach out to a restoration service today.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Every home or residential property insurance policy is different. Before contacting your insurance company, review your policy to fully understand what your insurance policy does or does not cover. Write down any questions you may have about your coverage and reach out to an insurance professional to have those questions answered.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you have a strong understanding of your available coverage, reach out to your insurance company. They will be able to connect you with reliable, reputable restoration services in your area. Typically, they will select a company to provide a walkthrough and estimate any necessary repairs.

Take Photographs

Take photographs of all damage to your residential or commercial property before and during your insurance walkthrough or restoration estimate. These photographs help document your losses for any legal purposes.

Do a Walkthrough

When your insurance representative and restoration officials arrive, accompany these professionals on a walkthrough of your property, making note of any damage and answering any questions. Your insurance company will decide what damages are or are not covered under your policy during this process. At the same time, the restoration company professional will assess the damages and provide an accurate estimate.

Establish a Service Contract

Once the restoration company examines and documents the damages to your property, a professional will provide a complete estimate and detailed listing of necessary restoration services. The property owner will receive a contract for services, with the option to sign and retain the services of the restoration company.

Key Facts to Remember

To safeguard your financial investment in your commercial or residential property, remember a few key facts during the insurance and restoration estimate process:

  • Your insurance may not cover all of the damages to your property.
  • Once your sign a contract for restoration services, you are responsible for paying for those services, not your insurance company.
  • You are under no obligation to retain the services of the restoration company your insurance company selects.
  • If you experience a problem with the restoration company during services, you must take the issue up with the restoration company instead of the insurance company.
  • Your insurance company may not pay for all restoration services provided.

Professional Restoration Services in Miami, FL

Miami experiences its fair share of dangerous weather and other events that can damage your home or business. At Rapid Response Restoration, we’re proud to provide fast, affordable, and professional solutions for any type of property damage.

If you’re still wondering, “How do restoration companies work?” we’re ready to answer your questions. Contact us at (786) 408-6188 to learn more about restoration services and what we do here at Rapid Response Restoration.