How Long Does Fire Restoration Take? Factors And Timeline

It can be challenging to cope with the devastating effects of a fire. No matter the extent of the damage, you will need to clean up, repair, and rebuild the affected area before you can live in your home once again.

How long does fire restoration take? The answer depends on your home and the amount of damage, but generally anywhere from a few days for minor fires to six months.

The pervasive effects of a fire can linger for months in the smells, sights, and sounds of your home. Without professional fire damage repair services from Rapid Response Restoration, you may overlook areas of damage that require additional attention.

What Factors Determine How Long Fire Restoration Will Take?

How long fire restoration takes depends primarily on the size of the fire. If you or firefighters quickly extinguished the flames and confine the fire to one area of your home, most of the repair and restoration will take place in that area. 

If the fire spread through multiple rooms or kept burning for a significant time, the restoration process will take much longer—possibly months. In some cases, you may choose to tear down the home entirely and rebuild. 

The steps you take after a fire will also determine how long restoration takes. You can complete the work sooner if you start cleaning, filing insurance paperwork, and contacting a fire restoration professional like Rapid Response Restoration immediately. Many homeowners, however, struggle to take the next steps.

Securing a safe place for you and your family to live immediately is your first priority. Depending on your level of preparedness, it may prove difficult to gather the paperwork you need to file an insurance claim, continue paying bills, or even find who to contact to start working on the next steps.

If the fire burned in multiple rooms or for a longer time, you will face significant loss of property and more extensive damage from smoke, flames, soot, and water.

Types of Fire Damage

Fire destroys everything in its path. House fires burn at a staggering 600 degrees Fahrenheit up to more than 1,000 degrees closer to the ceiling. The flames themselves aren’t the only destructive force of fire.

Smoke and Soot

Fire produces smoke that contains carbon monoxide and dangerous chemicals that are toxic to your health. When the smoke leaves a dark substance on your home’s surfaces, the resulting soot contains all these chemicals. 

Smoke and soot can linger for weeks and months in your home, clinging to carpet, furniture, and drywall.  You need to take special care when cleaning soot from a fire-damaged home. This type of cleaning often requires professional handling and equipment to ensure a safe living environment.


A small stovetop fire can grow to an out-of-control fury that burns everything it encounters in less than one minute. Fires are especially tragic disasters in that they quickly destroy property beyond repair, turning a home you love into a place you barely recognize.


Firefighters battling a blaze will use hundreds of gallons of water per minute to extinguish a fire. Just like water damage from a flood or major leak, this moisture can result in mold growth and harm the structural integrity of your home. 

Fire Restoration Process

At Rapid Response Restoration, we understand that you want to get back into your fully restored home as soon as possible. Here is what you can expect from the restoration process after a fire.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify the company that holds your home insurance policy right away to tell them about the fire in your home. They should help you secure resources or guide you in securing your property, mitigate water damage, and hire a restoration company.

Contact a Restoration Company

Contact Rapid Response Restoration as soon as possible after the fire for cleaning and repairs. Fire restoration work can be overwhelming to attempt on your own. The enormity of the surfaces and materials throughout your home that suffer the effects of a fire can feel never-ending.

Our team of caring professionals will tackle every aspect of the cleanup after a fire, including:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Mold removal and remediation

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can respond to your home within 30 minutes of your call to begin the restoration process.

Secure Your Property

First, know that you cannot reenter your home until the fire marshal permits you. When you’ve been given clearance, board up any openings into your home to secure your property and protect what remains from the elements. This is something our Rapid Response Restoration team can help with, as well.    

Cleaning and Assessment

Cleaning salvageable items with soap and water is an excellent first step, as it will give you a clearer picture of what you need to repair or replace. But it takes more to help your home feel safe and get rid of all the lingering reminders and toxic chemicals of the fire.

This complete restoration usually requires professional equipment, technology, and assessment. Rapid Response Restoration will assess the property to determine what you can save and what you need to demolish. We will professionally remove soot and smoke from the items you can safely keep.  


Your Rapid Response Restoration team will remove materials, furniture, appliances, and other property with damage too extensive to repair.


The process of rebuilding after a house fire can take months. You will need authorizations from your insurance company and local building oversight entities, which add to the construction timeline. Rapid Response can help arrange the paperwork and rebuild areas of your home.

Fire Damage Restoration

How long does fire restoration take? The answer ultimately depends on the severity of the fire. The rapid spread of fire means many fires are extensive and have a massive impact on the home’s structure and contents. Because of this, it can take months to complete the fire restoration process to the point where the home is safe to live in again.

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