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If your property has water damage, make your house or office building whole again with professional water damage repair and restoration service from Rapid Response Restoration! Whether your property suffered flooding caused by one of our frequent tropical storms or experienced water damage in the aftermath of a fire, we can handle it. Our professionals will show up on time, assess the damage, recommend a course of action, and deliver flawless water damage restoration in Miami, FL.

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Comprehensive Water Damage Assessment

Water damage represents one of the most insidious problems for property owners because the harm to your walls and floors spreads unnoticed long after the initial flooding. Even if everything seems dry within your home, seepage and mold growth can continue to undermine the structural integrity of your foundation, walls, and roof.

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When our highly trained professionals arrive on the scene, they will first perform a thorough inspection of your entire property and complete a full assessment of the damage. Our team will focus on the following issues:

  • Safety – Check for electrical and structural hazards
  • Source – Identify the cause of the water damage
  • Water Quality – Assess whether the water contains contaminants
  • Water Damage – Search for weakened floorboards, studs, drywall, etc.
  • Preventative Measures – Prevent further damage by moving furniture or other belongings

Water Removal and the Drying Process

If your residential or commercial property still suffers from standing water, we employ advanced tools to remove it. Some of the equipment we use to remove water from a property includes industrial water pumps, high-powered wet vacuums, and more.

Thorough, upfront water removal expedites the subsequent drying process. We utilize large-scale dehumidifiers to help dry any dampness left behind after implementing our water removal measures. Drying your home as soon as possible remains crucial if you want to prevent further damage to your walls and floors, like:

  • Warping
  • Swelling
  • Rotting
  • Mold
  • Mildew

Cleaning, Mitigation, and Water Damage Restoration

Before we begin your water damage restoration in Miami, FL, we first clean all the affected areas of your home. Even after a comprehensive water removal and drying process, dirt and bacteria may remain. We sterilize all damaged areas prior to repairing and restoring your property.

Our professional staff at Rapid Response Restoration will then mitigate any future damage by:

  • Covering exposed areas with tarps or wooden boards
  • Moving at-risk belongings to dry areas of the property
  • Roping off dangerous spaces

Finally, we will repair any moderate damage to your walls, floors, cabinetry, and other parts of the building. Severe damage may require the services of a professional contractor. We work closely with several construction companies and can recommend a few for you.

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