Quality Water, Fire, And Mold Restoration In North Miami

Rapid Response Restoration is equipped to respond with our professional team no matter the reason with up-to-date techniques to resolve any damage that finds its way into your structure. Please call us at (786) 408-6188 when you need superior service toward rapid restoration!

Rapid Response Restoration Company is the One to Call in North Miami

We don’t take your business lightly and our accreditations are in place to assure your faith in our services. Your satisfaction is our goal when it comes to helping you rebuild and restore what’s been damaged due to water or fire. So let us take on the restoration process of your home or office, no matter if due to hurricanes, storm surges, floods, rain,  fire, or microbial growth of toxic mold, which starts to grow after 48 hours. And our services include air ducts as well. We’re here to help – because we’re the best at what we do!

Restoration Services We Provide Include:

Certified Water Damage and Restoration Services are Available in North Miami

Damage other than from a storm or flood such as leaking appliances, a loose hose, an overflowing toilet, a sink or bathtub, can be the cause of water damage as well. Call us to get your structure dry and efficiently restored the right way. We understand that your problem is unique, so we offer 24/7 emergency services and we’ll respond to you swiftly.

We Are Proud to be Certified and Recognized by the Following Organizations:

  • BBB – Better Business Bureau
  • NORMI – The national organization of mold remediators and inspectors
  • IICRC – The gold standard in cleaning and restoration certifications

Fires cause damage, and the water that puts out fire cause even more damage. Our team is equipped to take care of the problem no matter the cause. Let our licensed and accredited technicians return your home or office to its former glory. Our fire restoration services  are superior, and we don’t stop until we get rid of the smoke, soot, and odors as well. Water damage needs to be dried quickly which is why we use top-of-the-line commercial drying machinery.

We are just as qualified at getting rid of your mold problems. Whatever the cause of your damage your needs will be addressed right away because excellent Customer Service is our goal. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need us, because this is what we do best!

We’re Licensed and Certified to Respond to Bay Harbor Island – Call (786) 408-6188, if you need us!

We provide the following Water Damage Services in North Miami:

North Miami was originally called the town of Arch Creek before it was incorporated and renamed “Town of Miami Shores.” But the Legislature passed an official act that abolished “Town of Miami Shores” as its name because its residents wanted to choose a different name. So, the municipality was renamed the town of North Miami in 1931.

But once again, a vote was cast to rename it to its current name, North Miami, in 1953 during which time it was officially incorporated as a city. It’s situated about 10 miles north of Miami with a population around of 60,000 residents making it the sixth-largest city in Miami-Dade, and having the most name changes.