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If and when a storm happens, it could bring damage to your home or business. Trust in our accredited, licensed, and insured restoration company to restore you anew. Call Rapid Response Restoration at (786) 408-6188 for an immediate response and we’ll resolve your water, fire, and mold problems to your satisfaction – 100% of the time!

One Call, We Do it All

Water damage can happen as the result of a hurricane, storm surge, flood, rainfire, or the after-effects of a fire. Either way, we are equipped to clean up, rebuild, and restore your structure to your satisfaction. Call, or leave us an online message for more information.

Rapid Response Restoration Specializes in:

Premium Water Damage and Restoration Services in South Miami

We have 24/7 emergency services to respond within 45 minutes of your call if water damage settles into your home or business. Whether from a leaking appliance, a loose hose, an overflowing toilet, or an unsuspecting faulty sink, or bathtub, we’re trained to handle your emergency. We’re experts at sourcing, inspecting, drying, disinfecting, and resolving your water damage no matter how it happened.

We provide the following Water Damage Services in South Miami:

We Are Proud to be Certified and Recognized by the Following Organizations:

  • BBB – Better Business Bureau
  • NORMI – The national organization of mold remediators and inspectors
  • IICRC – The gold standard in cleaning and restoration certifications

Rapid Response Restoration Company is your local Professional in South Miami

Fires are devesting events that can leave your home or business in need of serious fire restoration services. We use high-speed drying technology while efficiently cleaning and restoring the after-effects of the water damage unavoidably caused by the fire department, by eliminating the smoke, soot, and offending odors.

Let our licensed and accredited professionals restore your property, get ahead of the microbial growth of toxic mold due to water from after a fire, or from other sources. Remember, mold only needs up to 48 hours to grow, even in air ducts. So if you ever need certified specialists to do the heavy cleaning and restoration for your home or office, call us and get to know why Rapid Response Restoration Company is the best because – that’s what we do!

We’re Licensed and Certified to Respond to Bay Harbor Island – Call (786) 408-6188, if you need us!

South Miami was incorporated in 1927 as the “Town of South Miami,” by its residents. The town was already booming with opportunity and the residents elected W.A. Forster as South Miami’s first Mayor on June 25, 1927.

Soon after, South Miami’s original six square miles were reduced significantly to a little over three miles in 1933, because the district politicians wanted to reduce its responsibilities for the town. And in 1937 it was reduced again, causing many lawsuits to be filed by the residents who wanted to get out of the city.

This legal battle is the reason South Miami ended up having more irregularities in its boundaries than any other city in Miami-Dade County. Today, its population is approximately 12,000 residents, many of them old-timers who still remembers Holsum Bakery used to sit on the corner of Sunset Drive and Red Road.